We Can Service All of Your Locksmith Needs

Around the Clock Locksmiths  866-700-7072We Offer A One-stop For Automotive Locksmith Needs

Around the Clock Locksmiths understand the ins and outs of the locksmithindustry.We also know that your car needs very professional and personal attention when dealing with locks& keys..We offer a wide variety of products and services:Below is just a sample of what we offer:

  • Car unlocking
  • Trunk unlock:
  • Ignition repairs
  • Broken key extraction

Residential Locksmith Services for a Wide Variety of Locks and Keys

Where have a pretty good understanding of the customized needs associated with residential locks and keys.If you are in need locks, keys or consultation regarding your home security concerns we provide a variety of solutions.The following is what we provide:

  • Key cutting service
  • Lockout resolution
  • Door installationservices
  • Lock repairs/installation
  • Rekeying service

We Hire the Best Commercial Locksmithing Technicians:

When we hire commercial locksmith technicians, we only hire the best, well trained technicians.We make sure that they have a great understanding about how complex your locks and keys are to your commercial business and to your overall security system.Here’s what our team has to offer:

Free consultations: Want to know where your security level stands? We provide consultations for free. Once the assessment is done, our experts will suggest solutions to address any security loopholes and implement the same.

Safe/ cabinet opening/installation : We can help you with safe/file cabinet installation and also with the unlocking, in case you end up losing a key or forgetting the combination.

Master key system: Keeping track of multiple keys in a commercial establishment can be a hassle. A master key system can make key management easy.

up your security level.

Emergency exit locks: It is mandatory to have proper emergency exit infrastructure in place. We can help install, repair and maintain push bars.

High-security locks: Commercial properties require Grade 1 locks – the high-security variants. We stock a wide range of locks from reputed international manufacturers to ramp

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

If you have an immediate, urgent emergency locksmithneed - be it early in the morning or late at night, our team can help.Whether you have locked your kids in your car or you’ve locked yourself out during a cold bitter storm – we’ve got the emergency solution for you. We have even known people who have had their home broken into – they are a prime candidate for our emergency locksmith services.This is important because if their keys are missing, they could easily fall in the wrong hands.

The worst thing about these emergencies is that they typically occur without any notice and when you’re not prepared. But the good news is that we at Around the Clock Locksmiths are always prepared.We are prepared for you whenever you call and are prepared to handle whatever emergency locksmith situation that you may have locksmith. Our team of technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 a week by using our streamlined emergency response system.When you are in an emergency situation, one of our well trainedteam members will take your issue seriously and get to your onsite location within 15-20 minutes and at no extra cost.

We initially beganour locksmith business many years ago. But prior to then there were no reliable locksmiths that operated within the different communities within Charlotte, NC.But thankfully, afterAround the Clock Locksmithsarrived to town, everything changed. We have provided top-notchlocksmith services that out shined the rest – all while keeping our prices low without losing quality.

We have noticed that within the last several years,

our clientele started to increase which resulted in us serving hundreds of customers of all types: commercial, residential and automotive all due to the team of experts that are on the frontline on our behalf.They have been the backbone of our company thatwe have had to rely on for years.They have beenresponsible forensuring that the latest tools and techniques and the latest cutting-edge technology were carried into themarketplace to deliver the best service possible.Our primarygoal has been to strive forthe best customer satisfaction that we can offer. This mindset has compelled us to go beyond our limits – all while improving what we do every day.Because we put quality and care into our work, our mobile locksmith services now extends pass Charlotteand is performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We’re even opened on holidays.Just call us at 866-700-7072 to learn more about how our services can be of benefit to you.

So Why Choose Our Company?

You should choose our company because of our many years of experience, our quality services and our reasonable and economical prices.It doesn’t’ matter what type of services that you may be in need of: lock installation or key cutting services, our team is ready to render top notch locksmith and related products and services whenever you call.Below are more reasons why you should choose our company:

Skilled team:  All our technicians are handpicked after a stringent screening process and it doesn't stop there; we train them rigorously to refine their skills. We've got dedicated teams of specialists to cater to varied needs. You can find solutions to all your lock & key woes from our experts

Service availability: When we say we cover the entire Charlotte, NC area; we mean it. There's no area or location that we can't get to. Usually our arrival takes us 15-25 minutes. Our rapid response and 24-hour availability is especially a boon to those facing critical emergencies, as a quick resolution can be expected

Unlike others, we don't add on extra charges, hidden fees, and convenience charges later.Doorstep service: Get service delivered where and when you want it. You don't have to come to our workshop, because our workshop will come to you. Our mobile vans are loaded with a complete range of locksmithing equipment that enables us to work from anywhere, at anytime, thus giving you endless convenience.

Upfront pricing: The mark of a true locksmith is integrity. We believe in being completely transparent and upfront with our customers, so they know how much they'll pay towards the end of the service. Need more information? Just reach out to one of our professional locksmiths today by calling us at 866-700-7072